WTT: Savage 6BR for PA System

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    Sep 23, 2006
    I have a Savage 6BR in a model 14 American Classic walnut stock that I would like to trade for a Bose L1 Compact PA system.

    Rifle Features: Scope not included, but 20 moa base is.
    1) Savage stainless VLP action
    2) DBM System with 6BR magazine
    3) Savage Shooters Competition trigger (set at 6 oz.)
    4) Broughton 24" 7.5 twist, 5R Magnum contour stainless barrel
    5) Action timed and trued to comp. trigger by Fred Moreo
    6) Bolt fluted by Fred as well
    7) Barrel threaded, chambered and crowned by Dave Bruno (this is not a factory chamber job)
    Savage Shooter Supply Recoil Lug, barrel nut and hex head action screws.
    9) 50 pieces of once fired and 47-48 pieces of unfired Lapua brass.
    10) Only 50 reloads and 20 factory rounds through the barrel and action.

    Over $1500 invested in this rifle but I need a good/light weight pa system more than I need the rifle.

    Will also sell outright for $950 tyd in lower 48.

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