WTT Savage 243 Barrel for 223 Barrel

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    Dec 18, 2008
    WTT for a .223 Blue or Matt Sporter

    Got a new 22" Blue Sporter in .243 from Jim Briggs a couple of weeks ago. Put it on my light weight hunter and developed loads for 105gr Amax bullets and 85gr Sierra HPBT. Both worked out great. Anyway the barrel has 40 rounds down it and I want to trade it for a Savage 223 Sporter. (Have a granddaughter that is going to be shooting real soon and want to get her started right!)

    Shoots the 105 Amax with 43gr of RL22 really well and the 85gr Sierra with 43gr H4831....never had a 243 that would not shoot that combination. Barrel is not a "copper grabber" and cleans great with a half-hour soak with Gun Slick Foaming bore cleaner. Barrel is in pristine condition.