WTT /S for AR items or 6mm Rem barrel

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    May 27, 2005
    I am looking for a few items. They are as follows:
    -AR items
    -heavy barrel for a Remington 700 BDL in 6mm rem.
    -stock for the Remington heavy barrel
    I would like to trade for these items if I can. Here is what I have to offer as of now. Feel free to email me for questions, suggestion, offers or pics. Thanks.


    1-Butler Creek sling w/ swivels----$15
    2-Butler Creek sling w/ swivels----$15
    3-CQB 3 point tactical w/ push button swivel attachmets for a Vltor stock----$25
    4-attachment for the pushbutton swivel that mounts to the accesory rail or handguard----$10
    5-Vltor fixed A2 stock w/ extra cheek pieces, buffer, tub, and spring----$140
    6-Bushmater A2 fixed collapsible stock----$50
    7-Simmons 3-9 x 32 (not a rimfire scope)----$50
    8-set of 1"see through rings----$10
    9-Tasco World Class 50 3-9x----$40
    10-Harris 13"-23" fixed bipod----TRADED
    11-4 pocket bandoliers for 10 rd. mags(have 4 of these)---$5
    -Set of rear aluminum rims and tires for a Honda 200x,250x or 250r.
    They are Carlisle Strykers 22x11x8----$40
    -One front aluminum rim and tire for Honda 200x, 250x, 250r. It is a Pro Vector 23.5x8x11----$20
    -MAC Tools paint gun(used very little)----$70
    -Toro electric weed trimmer(never been out of the box)----$40
    -Overhead door motor(kind that mounts to the side for the chain)----$150
    -Cincinnati shaper that runs however I have not hooked it up yet(old machine shop machine its basically an older mill has a huge vise)----$500