WTT Revolver for Bolt Action .243 Rifle

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    May 8, 2012
    Testing the waters to swap a very good revolver for a .243 in bolt action rifle. Would prefer a good quality Winchester, Remington rifle or a Sako chambered in .243 . Would prefer something with glass. Stainless would be nice too in this climate (Hawaii) but not obligatory. I'm not looking for a custom gun. Just something halfway decent that more often than not would be taken to the range or possibly used to hunt with.

    Revolvers for trade include a 4" 624 (.44 special), a Model 25-2 (in .45 acp), a Colt .38 (Officers Match Model), and a model 15. Have a couple of Model 19s as well 4" and 6". All the guns are in great shape and I can send photos.

    I also have a Sig 220 in excellent condition.

    Open to ideas. I realize some of the guns are worth more than others. Looking for a fair trade.

    You can email me at rkay@lava.net--might be better if there's serious interest.

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