WTT Horus Raptor 4-16 w/Larue SPR-E for...?

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    Aug 26, 2012
    I'm located in Albany, CA (east bay). Will face-to-face trade at Richmond or Chabot gun ranges on weekends if you're local. Shipping for the scope will cost $25 insured & registered USPS, or alternate shipping method of your choice.

    Trades I'm looking for/looking to trade towards:
    SEMI AUTO SHOTGUNS: FN SLP, Benelli M1S90, Mossberg 930 SPX, Fabarms and some Beretta also
    WEAPON LIGHTS: Surefire M961, M962 lights with IR kit
    OPTICS: Aimpoint T-1/H-1 with or without mount; similar quality 1-4x optics
    MAGNIFIERS: Eotech or Aimpoint magnifier without mount; Primary Arms 6x or wide relief magnifier without mount
    HANDGUNS: 45 ACP only, e.g. Sig P220, Glock 30, USP

    PM me with your offer if what you have isn't listed, the worst I can do is say 'no'.

    Now for the scope.

    Immaculate, practically new Horus Raptor 4-16x with H25 reticle, as seen in Magpul's Art of Precision Rifle video. Includes Horus honeycomb ARD/mirage shield, not pictured. Scope is mounted and leveled in Larue LT139 SPR-E mount, with BKA folding 3-way bubble level and Butler Creek Blizzard scope covers included. Just attach it to your bolt or semi-auto rifle and you'll have accurate sighting and correction out to 800 yards. Less than 200 slow-fire rounds (for ladder-testing ammo). There are probably some very light marks on scope body from mounting under the Larue rings, but otherwise the scope body is completely clean and of course the glass is scratch free and clear. Scope has not been registered for the warranty, so you can register it yourself.

    Short of $2000 Schmidt & Benders or Nightforces, this is the only way to get a Horus Reticle on a long-range scope. This scope setup would be the business for F-class or F/TR, which is why I got it (before 3-gun caught my fancy). In combination with a ballistic calculator that outputs in 1/10 mils (most do, I use Knight's Armament Corp BulletFlight L2) and a known muzzle velocity/ballistic coefficient (easily derived or measured) you can get reliable hits with this setup out to where your bullets go transonic (and perhaps further depending on your bullets). With my Noveske 18" and Sierra 77gn SMKs that is a theoretical limit of about 800 yards. On a .308 that you know well enough this probably gets you out to better than 1200.

    $1200 - PRICE DROP - $1100 - sold as a package. Open to reasonable offers on components. Shipping is $25, via UPS with insurance. Update: If you provide proof that you are active-duty military or current law enforcement I will ship FREE and include extras (just because).

    Scope with ARD: $1100
    Larue SPR-E LT139 mount: $215
    Scope level and covers: ~$50
    Scope installation & leveling: ~$50

    Your total savings: almost $300 after price drop

    Pic of scope:

    Objective lens:


    Larue mount (100% genuine with receipt from Larue if necessary!):

    Check my feedback on Calguns under same name and buy with confidence. Have a wonderful day.

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