WTT for Sling, hardcase, 5.56, 7mmRUM and .308 ammo, reloading gear

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  1. bglimpse

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    Jun 17, 2010
    Looking for the following:
    77gr 5.56/.223 ammo, Black Hills etc
    77gr bullets, SMK etc
    155gr, 168gr and 175gr .308 Match ammo, Federal, Hornady or...
    175gr SMK or similar bullets
    CCI BR2 primers, Large Pistol primers
    Hodgdon Varget and H110 powder
    RCBS or similar hand primer
    Harris bipod, 6-9", swivel with notched legs (S-BRM)
    7mm Remington Ultra Mag ammo
    Hardcase for one or two scoped rifles, SKB, Storm, Pelican etc
    TIS, TAB, Turner or similar sling

    What I have to trade:
    -Weaver Grand Slam 1” low rings
    -ARMS M68 mount
    -Docter Optic factory picatinny rail mount
    -SDI extended A2 flash hider, brand new
    -(50) 50 cal .500 dia 400gr Sierra JSP bullets
    -MI FSB light mount
    -Tapco SAW grip for AK47
    -Ultimak rail for AK47
    -DD fixed F&R BUIS
    -Glock 17 9mm barrel, new
    -Surefire UE07 tapeswitch and tailcap for Scout of Executive, as new
    -LaRue LT-105 Compact ACOG mount
    -Leupold 1pc Mark 4 base for Rem700 SA, older style
    -Raven Concealment ACR for S&W 642, RH, as new
    -(6) Polish military mags – (4) are from AIM and have the plastic locking tab, (2) are the real deal. I used two of the AIM mags (ran 20 rds through each of them), the rest are new.
    -(5) Bulgarian Circle 10 mags – all new.