WTT for 300WM brass etc

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    Sep 3, 2011
    I have a few bullet heads and brass that are in excess of my needs and would like to trade.
    Looking for 300WM brass and around 180gr bullets

    Here is a list
    38... 270 150gr Nosler ballistic tip spitzer
    40... 270 140gr Nosler ballistic tip boat tail
    18... 270 160gr Nosler partition semi spitzer
    19... 45 230gr Sierra fmj
    26... 45 230gr Hornady fmj
    28... 44 240gr Sierra jhc
    76... 22 55gr Speer spitzer
    75... 35 180gr Hornady soft point
    cases all good but not shiney
    40.. 7mm Rem Mag once fired
    16... 7mm Rem Mag once fired.. reprimed