WTT 7mm Remington Ultra Mag Ammo

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    Jun 17, 2010
    60rds of Remington Premier 140gr Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded ammo
    60rds of Remington Premier 160gr Partition ammo

    Factory ammo, has been stored in a Pelican case.

    $225 shipped

    Will trade for:
    .264 Win Mag ammo or components/dies etc
    Timney or Rifle Basix for Rem 700 (need two of them if you have two)
    Talley 1" Medium LW mounts for Rem 700
    Single stage or turret press from Redding or Hornady
    Harris bipod, notched legs, swivel, any length
    6.5mm bullets - Partitions, TTSX, TSX or VLD
    Retumbo, H1000 or IMR 7828 powder