WTS/WTT Trued Rem 700 SA 308 BF w/ trigger TRADE PENDING

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  1. bohunk85

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    Apr 10, 2012
    Remington 700 Short Action 308 bolt face
    Trued by Northwest Action works
    Firing pin hole was bushed at the same time
    Factory trigger was tuned to 2 lbs by them also

    I don't have any bottom metal for this action, I can throw in a PTG single shot follower for free or for an extra $200 I can add a Defiance Machine DBM w/ no mag (same inlet as a Surgeon DBM)

    Action has about 80 rds on it. I installed a Remage barrel on it so there is a notch for the recoil lug. I also bedded the action to a stock and I wasn't concerned about the finish at the time, I had planned to coat the barreled action later on. So there are scratches, some areas on the bottom have been lightly sanded on. There's also some residue on top of the action from loctite when I installed the scope base, Basically the action will have to be refinished with some sort of coating

    I will post pics tonight

    $550 shipped or trade Savage Target RBRP action, Stainless Savage repeater centerfeed action, or by some luck a Savage Target action setup for DBM

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