WTS/WTT RRA Varmint A4(with extras)

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    Sep 27, 2008
    WTS/WTT RRA Varmint A4(TRADED)

    I am wanting to build another Savage bolt gun(or possibly a Striker [​IMG]) and I am considering selling this to fund it. This is a great rifle and fun to shoot, but I just hardly ever shoot it. My wife has actually shot it more than me in the past year, so it has to go [​IMG] [​IMG]. It has about 400 rounds thru it max, and the only mark on it is right near the ejection port where the brass hits as it's ejected.


    RRA Varmint A4
    -20" bead-blasted bull barrel
    -2 stage match trigger
    -winter trigger guard
    -Hogue grip and free-float tube
    -obviously 223 caliber
    -Wylde chamber
    - Rock River Arms: Varmint Rifle A4


    -DPMS Panther grip
    -Badger Tactical charging handle latch
    -E&L Brasscatcher
    -Burris Extreme Tactical X-high rings(for 1" scope tube)
    -Lula magloader
    -mag pouch for belt(holds 3 mags)
    -(6) 20 round mags
    -(2) 30 round mags

    I will sell the whole package(preferred) for $1150, or sell just the rifle as listed for $950.
    -none of the extras are for sale seperately till gun sells, and gun buyer
    has first dibs on any of the extras.
    -shipping is included to your FFL
    -payment by money order/ or trade for Savage rifle parts
    -I'm selling this whole package for the less than you can buy just the gun new.
    - gun will be shipped in original "blue" case from RRA. Any extras sold with gun will be shipped seperately.
    - will consider trades for Savage custom rifles or parts


    *scope and bipod in pic not included*
    *for sale on other forums*
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    Aug 16, 2007
    Nice rifle!
    Free bump for a good guy.

  3. baydawg

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    Aug 30, 2009
    barrel twist?
  4. pdog06

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    Sep 27, 2008

    8 twist barrel.

    This thing shoots really well. I have not reloaded for it, but could get 1 moa with almost any factory stuff. It really liked Ultramax 55gr SP ammo. Shot many 5/8-3/4" 5-shot 100yd groups with those, which is mainly why I didnt hurry to reload for it. SO now I have 1200 rounds of that sitting in the safe.
  5. pdog06

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    Sep 27, 2008
    gun has been traded.. Thanks for the interest.