WTS/WTT: 357 Sig brass

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Getting rid of some of my excess brass. This is all 1x fired, Speer, nickel and ran through the tumbler.

    5.00/100 +shipping.

    I can ship 400 for 25.00, anything over 400 will have to into a medium rate box, I can ship any amount over 400 for a flat 12.00

    I have roughly 6k available.

    Possible trades for:

    .45,44 mag brass
    .357,.45 and 9mm bullets
    RCBS .40 S&W die set, or just sizing die
    Sig mags for 226/229/225/220/228/239/2022/245
    Holster for Sig GSR/1911
    ESEE and Knives of Alaska knives(can add cash if needed)
    Surefire LED flashlights(can add cash as needed)