wts/wtt 22-250 dies, brass, bullets

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    Oct 26, 2008
    sold I sold my 9 twist 22-250 so I have the following for sale as a lot: sold

    Nosler 22-250 brass 50 ct. Outside wrapper opened but plastic bag inside unopened. #10065
    Nosler 22-250 once fired brass 50 ct some of these are unfired but don't know which ones, I only shot the gun 53 times and some of that was factory ammo.
    Hornady 22 cal 75 gr A-Max #22792 partial box 68 new and 12 that were loaded and pulled.
    Berger 22 cal 75 gr VLD target PN 22421 partial box 89 new and 9 that were loaded and pulled.
    Sierra 22 cal 69 gr SMK #1380 partial box 89 count
    Redding 80106 series A 22-250 dies This is the standard Redding 2 die set used for less then 75 rounds.

    Asking $110 for all of it shipped con-us.
    ***I need a 20 MOA base for a savage 12 SA round rear, center feed . prefer Seekins or Warne***
    Would consider trades of competition 243 die set
    PM or email me pd721e@sio.midco.net
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