wts/t rare steyr aug MN

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    Feb 28, 2007
    pre 89 906sa green aug. One of 10-15 in country if I recall correctly, with the later AUG pre-special-receiver updates (roller on the bolt, upgraded firing pin and bolt sleeve, closed prong flash supressor, etc). Standard 20" barrel. All numbers match on the rifle. Most of these were the black "police" augs, with 16" barrels in this serial number series. Finding a green one is fairly rare.

    Comes with matching box, test target, 4 mags, manual, unused/unmounted sling. The only thing it's missing is the locking clasp for the sling; lord knows where that went (it was never in the box when I bought it)

    It's been shot some but not abused. It has some handling marks on it, but it hasen't been flogged or anything. There's some brass dings rear of the ejection port, but that's normal for a used AUG.

    3325.00 shipped or interesting trades or trades+$(trades in minnesota ftf only).thanks email for pics