WTS: Savage 110 in 6CM

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    Sep 23, 2006
    Savage SS Accu-Trigger 110 action; SSS Single Shot Adapter and Recoil Lug; Lawton 1x7.65 twist SS barrel, chambered in 6mm Competition Match by Master Gunsmith, Dominic Rago; Stockade (Black with White drizzle paint) LRBR stock, and Ken Farrel +20 minute base. Rifle has had a total of 25 rounds through it. I built this rifle with the idea of getting into long range competetion, but I discovered that after having neck surgery I was unable to shoot in the prone position for more than 3 or 4 shots at a time. I have invested little time in load development, and it seems to like 107 SMK’s over 46.8 grains of H-1000, and Federal 210 GM primers in Winchester brass. Average 3 shot velocity readings were 2992, 2992, and 2993. Accuracy was just under .75 for the 3 shots. Keep in mind that I am not the worlds best shot and at 65 my eyesight is starting to fail. Asking $1200 shipped to lower 48.
    No, the scope and rings aren’t included, but the Farrel base is.

    Contact: berry.j@hotmail.com



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