WTS: Ruger M77 mkll 300 win mag lh

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    Jun 28, 2009
    I am wanting to sell a Ruger M77 Mkll 300 win mag lh, I am working on getting a picture posted sorry but not that computer savvy. The gun is in good shape and has been well maintained{former Marine}. I also have a rem 700 bdl factory wood stock that I am wanting to part with, it was removed from a Lh
    270. and a harris bi-pod if anyone is interested. I am asking $500 for the rifle
    w/bushnell scope, $100 for the factory rem. stock, and $30 for the bi-pod.
    A friend of mine owns a gun shop and would be willing to do the transfer on
    the rifle so that it is legal and all. These prices are of course negotionable
    nothing wrong with any of this trying to get funds for a build. almost forgot the rifle is blued w/ wood stock and the Rem. stock has not been beded
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