WTS - ***Ruger #1 in 220 Swift***

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    Dec 29, 2002
    Here is a highly sought after Ruger No. 1 in 220 Swift. This is an excellent varmint rifle with extreme long range capabilities. Properly loaded this can be used for deer, antelope and other similar sized game as well. This is another one of my rifles that has been held captive in my safe for sometime. It is now time to put it in the hands of someone that is ready to give it proper exercise. I have factory Ruger rings and various tactical or varmint scopes available if needed. This rifle has very low round count but has seen a few trips to poodle town. Prairie dogs are in grave danger out to 600 yards! This features the factory Ruger three screw trigger, which allows some degree of ajdustment. This is a quality rifle.


    I need to move some of my rifles to make room for new arrivals. Asking price as shown: $795 or best offer!

    This is a very attactive price and will not be around long. First I take it, gets it! Thanks for looking!