WTS Remington 700 BDL 7mmSTW

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    Jun 17, 2010
    WTS 7mmSTW Remington 700 BDL SS DM-B

    Picked this up from a buddy and it’s like new. I’m just starting to reload and want to keep to 30cal rifles for the moment.

    25.5 inch barrel w/factory muzzle brake
    Engraved receiver
    Leupold 1” mount/rings (all blued, not as shown)
    Extra Detachable Magazine included (SS)
    VERY good condition (few dings/scratches in Tupperware mainly from safe)
    Less than 80 rds down the tube.
    Original Box, docs, video, etc

    (2) boxes of 140gr Remington Core-Lokt
    27 rounds of 140gr Remington Premier loaded with Swift A-Frames

    Reloading supplies included
    15 120gr 7mm Nosler BT
    15 140gr 7mm Nosler BT
    50 150gr 7mm Nosler BT
    50 150gr 7mm Nosler Partion
    15 150gr 7mm Sierra Game King
    200 once fired cases, Remington headstamp


    $1000 shipped to your FFL