WTS Remington 300 RUM with Burris Eliminator III

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    Sep 22, 2005
    Very new 300 RUM sps, with Burris Eliminator III 4x16 Rangefinding scope.This gun is a helluva tack-driver. Scope is a fantastic. paid 1460.00 for it 4 months ago, Has 3 year Warranty.80 rounds Total through gun, comes with 80 once fired nosler trophy grade brass.top picture of target with rife was shot at 100 yards . The bottom picture of The target by itself was shot at 435 yards,first 3 were under a quarter!!! Next shot was after I made a adjustment of 2 1/2 inches up.then last shot was with a crazy crosswinds. Blowing to the left.This was for the calibration process.Has Burris extreme Tactical Bases. Asking 1600.00 dollars paid over 1900.00 on Gun,Scope and Bases. Hell I spent 280.00 on 4 boxes of Nosler Trophy grade 210 grain Accubond Longrange Cartridges!! I know Stupid me. But this damn gun shoots like no other factory big gun Ive had before. but need cash. Thanks. William

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    PM sent on scope only....

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    I may be interested in rifle only