WTS or Trade Custom Remington M700 LSR

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    Oct 2, 2004
    All work was done by Chris at LongShot except the new coat of Cerakote (Joe at LTM) and the bolt stop mod (GAP).

    Remington M700 short action w/ .473 bolt face
    Custom bolt (built by LSR) w/ Badger knob
    GAP Bolt Stop Release
    Factory trigger set at approx 2.75 lbs
    Holland lug pinned to action
    Broughton 22" 8-twist 6-contour
    Brand new coat graphite black Cerakote

    Includes magazine, follower, and spring. Also includes a 20MOA Badger alloy rail (also Cerakoted). No BM or stock.

    The bolt job is tight. . .feels like a custom action. I've fired exactly 315 rounds (thought it was at 110, but double-checked and confirmed). This barrel shoots the 107gr SMK's relatively well. The Berger 95gr VLD's are phucking scary accurate.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Paid approximately $3000 for the entire project (stock, BM, bedding included). Minus the stock and such and figuring half the gunsmithing charges, I'll ship the barreled action and parts for $1600.

    Chris did an amazing job on this rifle. I just don't need a .243 Winchester for my applications.

    Will also entertain a partial trade for a Remington M700 LTR in .223. Just need the barreled action and accessories. Don't need the stock and BM.

    I also have two boxes (one full, one partial) of 6mm Berger 95gr VLD's, approximately fifty pieces of Winchester .243 new brass.

    Also. . .Redding Competition seater, Redding Type S FL die, and a Hornady neck die. A few bushings for the S type as well. Another $100 gets you the whole kit.