Wts new in fact wrap fn fal para bbl $450

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    Aug 5, 2012
    WTS BRAND NEW IMBEL PARA BBL. Barrel is brand new isealed in IMBEL factory wrapping. Barrel has never been mounted, fired mokeyed with or touched by human hands since being sealed in the factory wrap at IMBEL. BBL is between 17 & 18" in length, made to FN factory standards by IMBEL and includes installed closed ear gas block and gas tube muzzle and breech are threaded and are ready to be installed in your upper receiver.. Price is $450 USPS MONEY ORDER ONLY and will be shipped to the buyer at their own actual expense via USPS PRIORITY Mail. Since this bbl is new and sealed in factory wrap all sales are final. Barrel will not be shipped outside the lower 48 or anywhere limited, restricted, or prohibited by law!