WTS-McMillan A5 and Lawton 7000 S/A--SOLD--

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  1. boynty77

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    Nov 26, 2007
    changed my mind on a project so I am parting it out.

    New Lawton 7000 action, repeater, 308 bolt face
    the action is stainless with a fluted bolt with a straight handle and standard bolt handle

    $800 shipped

    McMillan A5 short action in gap camo
    A-5 S/A
    Rem. 700 RH
    Rem. varmint b/c
    bdl inlet
    adj. thumbwheel cheek
    LOP spacer system with dec. pad
    1 bipod stud
    3 flush mount cups ( 1 bottom rear, 2 LH side )
    sniper fill

    $735 shipped

    $1485 delivered for both, will take paypal, add the fees, will also take cc, add 3%

    both are sold
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    Oct 6, 2008
    Re: WTS-McMillan A5 and Lawton 7000 S/A repeater

    Is the stock still available and will it take a remington short action