WTS McGowen 308 Savage barrel(sold)

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    Sep 27, 2008
    Gonna list this for sale till I change my mind or it sells.

    I have a 24" Mcgowen barrel in a light varmint contour(straight taper to .750"muzzle).

    -10 twist
    -bead blasted
    -125 rounds shot
    -fits a Savage small shank action
    -shoots 168gr NBT's or 168 SMK's into 1/2" @ 100 with Varget
    -$230 shipped and insured in US SOLD

    *listed on other sites

    I ordered it new from Mcgowen and had this taper done to make it a bit lighter on the nose for carrying it thru the woods, but have only had it out 3-4 times and never even shot it in the woods.


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