WTS Martin Quest compound bow

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    WTS Martin Quest compound bow(SOLD)

    I bought this Martin Quest bow new about 3 years ago for $400 bare, and have only really used it to practice at home. I have only had it in the woods about 8-10 times(it is in "as-new" condition). Only reason I am selling it is because I decided to step up to a higher level bow. I had it checked out at the shop today when I bought my new one, and they say everything is perfect(as it should be).
    Included is the bow, a standard rest,, a Tru-Nok loop, and a quiver. Basically all you need to hunt with it is arrows and a sight.
    $200 shipped...or $160 FTF NOW SOLD

    -34" axle-to-axle
    -50-70lb draw wt.(currently set at 65)
    -27-32" draw length(currently set at 29")
    -65-75% let-off
    -weighs 3.4 lbs.
    listed on other sites as well
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