WTS. Long range rifle in 300 RUM

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    Aug 27, 2001
    Just finished this one. It was going to be my rifle, but it has to go.
    For sale
    New, just test fired. LRP-2 SWS rifle in .300 RUM.
    Rem 700 action fully trued. ( Threads recut true, action face recut true, lug recesses, bolt face and lapped locking lugs to 99%.
    Lothar Walther #2300 light benchrest barrel, 1-10 twist 27 ½“ long in LW-50 Stainless.
    Sako style extractor, Answer Products™ Muzzle brake, H.S. Prec. Adjustable stock with rear support adjuster, verticle grip, fully bedded.
    Remington trigger reworked to a crisp 2 ½ lbs.
    All metal coated with H.D. Coat.
    Scope base screws holes aligned and opened to 8-40.
    Rifle will have a 3 shot / ½ inch @ 100 yd. Guarantee with factory ammo and two proof targets. A log of every shot fired and cleaning since it was made. Right now it has one shot fired.
    Sans scope and bipod
    Price $2130.00

    Jeff Hicks