WTS Kreiger and Pacnor .224 CM Barrels

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  1. belldozer

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    Apr 5, 2013
    Brand New Krieger .224 Chrome Moly Barrel Blank
    Length: 31"
    twist: 1-7"
    Land: .224
    Grove: .218
    Contour: #10 heavy bull target
    the contour on the barrel is 1.250 for 2.75", .983 and 26", and .935 at the muzzle. When i ordered it i had them lenthen the contour for me. The blank should finish a little over 30" depending on how much to take off either end

    $300.00 Shipped to you door.

    I also have a pacnor .224 1-7 chrome molly i would part with. It is a chrome Moly Super match that I had them add two inches to the total length, But I cut a 1/8 of both ends, faced and then made a 60degree cut so that I could chamber it between centers. I never got to finish the project and have since moved on to other things. There is nothing wrong with the barrel though. contour is NBRSA Heavy Varmit and should finish at 30".
    I would like $250.00 but am willing to consider other offers since its been worked on.

    New Remington 700 Stainless sporter take off 300 WIN MAG 85.00 shipped to your door.
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    Aug 16, 2012
    Not possible to chamber anything with a centers in the bore.

    Maybe you're referring to cutting threads on the chamber end of a barrel??