WTS Kirby Allen Built 7 STW

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    May 13, 2007
    Pictures by labhound - Photobucket
    Custom Remington 7 STW built by Kirby Allen, Allen Precision Shooting
    Firearm condition: New
    Firearm description:
    Weight: 8 ¾ lbs without scope
    Receiver accurizing package:
    Includes the following: full receiver blueprinting,
    Bolt lug lapping,
    Holland Comp recoil lug,
    Installation of Sako extractor (pictured),
    Gre Tan match grade striker assembly,
    Jewell trigger

    Lilja 26”, 9 ¼” twist SS barrel with flutes #4 contour, 28” with APS muzzle brake
    Barrel fitting and chambering (RUM class chamber)
    APS Painkiller Muzzle brake
    Wyatts extended magazine box (3.820)
    Bead blast matte finish on barrel/ brake
    NF 20 moa steel rail base
    Manner MCS-Gat stock w/decel.pad and three studs
    Pillar bed stock
    Donor New Rem SS Mag Action
    Karsten Adj Cheek Rest B- Model Piece
    Harris s-LM Bipod Leg Notch, Swivel Stud Mount 9”to13”

    Total cost: $ 3450.00 without scope & rings

    Nightforce Scope NXS 3.5-15x with NP-R1 reticle $1260.00
    NF 30mm Ultralight Tactical rings $150.00

    I received this custom 7 STW from Kirby Allen in February 2009. I intended to use it for a South African Plains game hunt, but those plans fell through and she languished in the safe since, except for two trips to the range in early 2010 for barrel break in and to shoot a few groups with the Kirby recommended load of Retumbo 77 grs/Berger 180 gr VLD set at 3.800”OAL I’m not an outstanding shot, but this load easily grouped around 21/2” at 300 yards. Rifle has been fired less than a total of 50 times.
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