WTS: Custom Gre'-Tan Rifle-Left Hand 300WSM SS Remington 700 (long action)

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    Jan 20, 2009
    This rifle was custom built by Greg Tannel of Gre-Tan Rifles and Tooling in Kersey Colorado. I have all the dies, load data, shooting logs and invoices detailing this rifle. I can provide pictures if anyone is interested. The 300 WSM is left handed. Thanks for looking. Email jpkinco@msn.com

    300 WSM- .334 Neck by Gre'-Tan Rifles & Tooling (Greg Tannel)
    Action-SS Remington 700 (long action) Left hand
    Barrel-SS Krieger #5, 1-11, 26, Trigger-Jewell Varmint, Blueprinted action, sleeved bolt, Bush firing pin hole .62, titanium firing pin, Tubb recoil lug, McMillan 3-way butt pad, Rogard finish, Vais Muzzle brake, pillar bedded/barrel floated, custom set of Newlon dies, soft suede stock, Doskosport Gun Guard rifle case.
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