WTS: 44Mag stuff

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  1. rocky_lange

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    Jan 3, 2008
    76 Federal 240gr JHP
    5 Winchester 240gr JSP
    30 240gr HP handloads (18.7gr Green Dot Alliant 2400, CCI large pistol magnum primers)
    190 mixed once/twice fired brass untumbled and not decapped
    800 CCI Large pistol magnum primers
    62 140gr JHP bullets
    1/3 (by vloume) Alliant 2400 Green Dot (Aug 25, 05/02LOT733)
    MTN Case Gaurd P-100


    ***MTN Case Guard Reloading Tray NOT included***

    $40 plus actual shipping from Pelham, AL 35124. Because there is live ammo (must be 21), I will require a photo copy of your drivers license and a Bank check with the same name printed sowewhere on the check (just tell the cashier that and they will oblige). Shipment must also go to adress printed on driver's license.

    Local buyers may pick up personaly.
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    Dec 24, 2007