WTS .270 bullets and cases

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    Feb 16, 2011
    I am out of the .270 business. I have for sale:
    75 Nosler Partition 160g NIB
    75 of the same that have been pulled but are undamaged total (150 bullets)
    42 eTips 130 gr NIB
    16 Barnes MRX 150 gr NIB
    17 Barnes MRX 130 gr NIB
    123 new .270 WSM cases primed with WinLR primers
    7 live rounds loaded with Barnes TSX 130g.
    54 cases that have been 2xfired and primed with WinLR primers.
    8 new boxes that are smoke colored (Cabelas) and hold 20Rds apiece
    2 green MTM boxes that hold 50 Rds ea.

    All this shipped for $150. email and Paypal is broog1@hotmail.com