WTS: 221 Fireball barrel, ammo, brass, etc

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    Apr 16, 2006
    Got too many calibers; this one has to go.

    -Rem 700 Varmint Barrel professionally re-chambered to 221 Fireball. It was a .223 so 1-12 twist. SPS finish, 25" long. A couple marks on the shank from the barrel vice but no gouges, break in the finish, etc. Target crown. Less than 200 rounds.

    -Redding Dies in 221 Fireball; two die set; like new.

    -100 rds of ammo; 60 reloads with 40 gr Sierras, the rest factory.

    Everything for 200.00 shipped. 175.00 shipped.

    Please email me at jtsmith35@gmail.com if interested.