WTB: SPEC.-OPS. BRAND HAZ-MAT rifle case/drag bag

Discussion in 'Guns For Sale' started by JKO, Apr 28, 2006.

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    Jan 22, 2006
    As you all probably know, I've been trying to find a soft case for my Heavy Bench/Hunting rifle. I already have a soft case, but it's a very tight fit, due to my rifle's unusual stock design, and it has no shoulder straps.

    The rifle measures 58" long (36" barrel), 12" heel to toe on the buttstock, 8" across the deepest part of the stock (the cheekpiece), and 10.5" top-to-bottom through the receiver section (from the 'scope's windage turret to the bottom of the stock in that area).

    All-up weight is 40 pounds.

    I'd also like a case that would allow me to carry such things as ammunition, cleaning supplies, cleaning rod (a one-piece Dewey (I think) that is itself about 40 inches long), binoculars and rangefinder.

    I thought that I had found such a case in the SPEC.-OPS. BRAND HAZ-MAT, which is claimed to be long enough to hold a fully assembled Barrett M82A1/M107 with optics.

    Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that they no longer make it.

    I'd be willing to pay full factory price (up to $300) for it, if it is in Like-New to New condition.

    I would prefer a black case, but camouflage is okay.


    I can be reached at: foreigner1910@yahoo.com