WTB: 10mm Brass

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  1. 243wssm

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    Aug 18, 2011
    I would like to buy new or Once fired 10mm Brass. Please PM what you have. Thank's!!!
  2. Lefty G-gear

    Lefty G-gear Well-Known Member

    Sep 18, 2010
    10mm items:
    I sold my 10mm S&W 1006 to a guy that does not reload his own.

    So, I have for sale:
    1 box (100) of new Starline 10mm brass from Midway USA ($19).
    Used 10mm brass (10-cents each):
    bag of 62 pieces of Winchester ($6.20) 15-cents each for used brass at Midway
    bag of 89 pieces of Starline ($8.90)
    Live Ammo - new brass (172-rds.) 50-cents a rd. at cost = ($86):
    10mm 180-gr. JHP by MagTech (32) - Starline brass
    10mm 200-gr. JHP by Hornady XTP (37) - Starline brass
    10mm 155-gr. JHP by Remington (60) - Winchester brass
    10mm 200-gr. Plated HP by Rainier (43) - Starline brass
    10mm/.40 S&W RCBS Carbide die set in original grey box ($40) $50 at Midway

    TOTAL $160 plus FREE S/H (if bought all together.)

    Post Office money orders are good.

    CHRIS GEGERE "G-gear"
    7 VISTA CT.
    RIVERTON, WY 82501

    (307) 856-6427