Wolf killed on TV sheep hunt.

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    Aug 21, 2005
    Howdy ,

    I did some couch hunting this morning and saw a pretty good show.It was "hunting americana" i think <-could be wrong because i don't generally like most hunting shows.
    Anyway a young hand had won a hunt and shot a mountain goat in the yukon using a 338 federal cartridge [308 necked up to 338].
    They were hunting out of a small boat and i believe they were after caribou after taking the goat.A wolf pack howled pretty close by and they started running for the boat --well that pigued my interest.I figured this might be going to get real silly so i watched more closely,the guide got the hunters set-up at the waters edge and did a voice call to the wolves.They started howling back and in short order a big black wolf walked out to the edge of the brush on the other side of the river and took a 338 federal thru the chest!
    The shows host [he and a guide -guided the contest winning hunter] was sitting in the open using binos and looking for the wolves before the shot.The way he was turning his head back and forth so fast -i'd have to say there was alot of luck on their side ,the guide said getting a mature wolf like this was very lucky.
    The host also explained statistics of how wolves wipe out game populations -killing 85% of the fawn/calf crop.
    Getting a wolf is on my list of things to do someday!Mike