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    Jul 14, 2013
    Long-time reader of LRH...first -time member of ANY forum...NOT computer smart...if I say/do something wrong, , it wasn't intentional, put a knot on my head.

    I'm retired Law Enforcement. Served as SWAT sniper, handgun,shotgun and scoped rifle instructor. Second career duties included taking outdoor writers hunting with S&W handguns and later rifles, including T/C's rifles. Handgun hunted from Alaska to South Africa. Specialized in long-range handgun hunting (460 & 500 magnums). To show how stupid I can be, I just retired from THIS "job"!

    I enjoy shooting my pre PSS Model 700s, varmint rigs and X-Frame S&Ws. Currently building a 300 Win Mag and 338-06AI. We have a feral hog problem around here and they make wonderful, guilt-free LONG range targets!

    Stay safe, shoot straight (and often). wmtele said that.....