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    Does this same equation apply to windage as well as MOA? I'm new to the long range shooting, and am having trouble accurately calculating the proper adjustment for windage. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    "41.6" at 500 yards is not 41.6 moa it is inches of drop, to convert it to MOA range in hundreds of yards is part of the equasion

    41.6 divided by MOA 1.0473"=39.7 now divide this by range in hundreds of yards
    39.7 divided by 5= 7.94 MOA so 29 clicks of your scope should do it.

    1 moa is 1.0473" at 100 yards
    1 moa is 1.0473" per 100 yards of range so moa at 500 would be
    1.0473 (MOA)x5 (range in hundreds of yards)=5.2365" 1MOA at 500 yards

    each 1/4 MOA click of the scope moves bullet impact .261 at 100 yards at 500 yards each click is
    .261 (moa)x5 (range in hundreds of yards) = 1.305" per 1/4 moa click
    So moa at 822 yards is
    1.0473 (moa) X 8.22 (range in hundreds of yards)= 8.608" moa at 822 yards each 1/4 moa click would move POI 2.152" at 822 yards"
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    MOA is the same, either for elevation or windage. The MOA is decided by the distance, and is a circle, doesn't matter what direction you are going in, up or down, the amount of movement is the same in MOA. So the math is the same. Most ballistic calculators will give the drop and windage in either MOA or inches. I prefer MOA and then you don't have to do the math.

    HOpe that helps...