Winchester Model 70

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    May 22, 2011
    I have a win model 70 300 win mag that I was thinking about robbing the action out of, I was just going to shoot the gun as is and save up to build a custom gun, I let a buddy borrow it for a few years and he beat that snot out of it, the only thing that looks good on it now is the action and I dont want to go to the range or hunting with it looking how it currently does, I got the gun on trade and have maybe but 5 shots thru it, my big concern is being able to seat the bullets to the lands, when I reloaded for it a few years ago for my friend we had to seat the bullets pretty deep or shoot it single shot to get it close to the lands, I was wanting to rebarrel it to a 7mm rem mag, if I have a barrel made can I have it set up to where I can have the bullets fit in the mag but still be close to the lands or would I be better off choosing a different caliber or selling it and starting with a different action
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    Mar 23, 2005
    At 3.4" the the factory box is rather short. You'd have to seat 180's well into the case. An extended mag at 3.83 would work great. Gunsmithing is required to use the extended boxes. This is no big deal, standard long range rifle work. I wouldn't hesitate to use your action for a 7rem.