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  1. ricknolan

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    Dec 15, 2007
    I have a Winchester model 70 in 300 win mag and was thinking about having it re-barreled. A couple of questions.

    1). Do you know of a Smith that works, and is good with Winchester actions?

    2). What are the expectations of a Winchester action as compared to Remington or Savage?

    3). What 338 caliber options will the 300 win mag action give me?

    4). Should I just sell the Winchester and get a Remington?
  2. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    All I can speak on is the expectation part; a Winchester M70 can be every bit as accurate as a Remington or Savage. Historically speaking, I have been a "Remington" man for over 10 years. My first rifle was a Ruger 77, I had the action bedded/barrel floated and she shot good (.75" and under), then I got a Savage 110 "J" series in .308 - it shot even better. Then I fell in love with the Sendero's...couldn't eat or sleep (seems) till I had one. Every rifleman on here knows that longing feeling...just gotta have it. I got one in 7mm RemMag and wow! it shot lights out. Everything I pointed it at either hit the ground, fell outta trees (crows) or exploded. Some did all three. That rifle shot so good.
    Until recently, I had steered clear of the Winchester 70, mostly because of what the gun writers had said or I may have assumed. "The controlled round feed was not as accurate as the Remy's push feed". Never mind Winchester had a push feed action also. They couldn't be as accurate as the Remingtons.
    Then I found a Savage 110 in .223. Wow, she shot pretty good too. With 69gn SMK and Noslers Competitions I could shoot low .3's and .2's on a consistent basis with that 1-9" twist factory barrel. Imagine my suprise when I started getting .1-.2's shooting the 55gn Ballistic Tips! But I thought that fast twist barrel was for the heavier bullets. You never know.
    Just recently (Apr08) I purchased a "used" Win 70 Heavy Varmint in .243. I say used but the previous owner only shot it 18 times. It's a stock rifle with blued action/stainless barrel and HS Precision stock. The third group (handload) out of it measured .267". That was using bullets from an old box of Winchester - Western 85 gr H.P. Match bullets (6M85H). (Darn, they don't even make these bullets anymore).
    I also acquired a Win 70 Coyote in .270WSM from James Jones on this website. I did a little cosmetic work to it and anytime I take her to the range I fully expect groups to be in the .3-.5" range or better. Those bullets ain't poking along either. Can hardly wait to try it out on a mule deer or elk.
    So to all the people that I may have told: "a Winchester just won't shoot as good as the Remington", I stand corrected. It will and they do. JohnnyK.

  3. remingtonman_25_06

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    Jun 4, 2003
    From what I've read and understand, the win action is just as good, if not better then the Rem. I'm not a gunsmith and dont know the technicality behind it, but I'm sure someone can explain. I thought it had somethign to do with the bottom of the action? But not to sure. However, any good gunsmith, like a few on this site should be able to work on Wins with no problems. I think the Rem LA might be a little longer then the Win LA which would work a little better with longer VLD type bullets to reach the lands and be able to use as a repeater, but once again, not 100% positive on that.

    BTW- I had a bonestock (other then trigger work) winchester model 70 in 25-06 that I guarantee would give a custom rifle a run for its money in the accuracy department. I'd bet the rifle on it! I've got a group in the 0's with it and many in the .2-.3 range. It shot every bullet I wanted to better then .75", and more around .5". However on a sidenote, I also had a win mdl 70 in 7 STW that wouldn't group for chit no matter what I did. Bed/free float/trigger job and trying about a zillion different bullet/powder/primer/OAL combos. IT just wouldn't do better then about 1.5".

    I"ve converted all my rifles to Rems and have had no problems with every Rem I"ve fired. I've gotten great accuracy .25-.75 with nothing more then a trigger job and feeding them what they like.

    I wont buy another Savage as my dad and I both bought .270 WSM's and they both were JUNK. They wouldn't do better then a 1.5" group at 100 yards. Not to mention on my dads rifle the screws to mount the scope base were crooked from the factory, then when he got it back, we stripped them trying to install the base. They both had trigger work done and I tried about 5 differnt bullets, 5 different powders, 3 different primers, and about 5 different OAL's, nothing seemed to make a difference. Kinda left a bad taste in my mouth for Savage.
  4. Gary Kaney

    Gary Kaney Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    I've had George Gardner at G.A. Precision rebarrell 2 Mod. 70's for me. A 243 and a 22/250 to a 260. They both shoot .3 when i do my part. He's very busy , you'll be waiting 3 month's or more.
  5. RockyMtnMT

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    Mar 25, 2007
    I know Winchester isn't getting sued repeatedly for a faulty safety mechanism.

  6. mtmuley

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    Apr 22, 2007
    No safety problems with Remingtons here. I'm sure Winchesters are great rifles. Not many long range rigs built on them though. Personally, I'd sell and go Remington. Controlled round feed is not really necessary in a long range gun anyway. Heck, neither is a safety, is it? mtmuley