Winchester 70 & FN SPR owners... PT&G's new DBM

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Have a Winchester 70 or a FN SPR and want a no mod DBM with the quality of AI, or how about getting closer to the lands than what the factory mag will allow...




    PTG's new win70/FN SPR DBM :D

    It dropped right into my floor plate inlet. I may have to remove a little bedding (user applied) from the previous hinged floorplate to get it to feed 100% as it looks like the rim of the cartridges in the mag need to come up a little to fully engage the bolt face every time. That should be an easy fix and I bet had I not bedded the previous floor plate it would be good to go.

    The short throat in this rifle (Winchester stealth 308 placed in a FN SPR a1 take off stock) coupled with the OAL the magazine will accept (2.9+ uses AI AE mk1 mags) will make running long nosed VLD's into or just off the lands (shooter's choice) a piece of cake.

    I may just take this rifle to Montana this year and leave the 260 at home... teamed up with JLK's 180gr LB-VLD (got to love it's .580g1) it would be bad medicine on Mule Deer and Coyote.