Winchester 243 brass and IOR Valdada Rings

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  1. daveosok

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    Appx 100 pieces of Winchester 243 brass fired and still have the fired primers in them. In good shape need polishing. $10 ($5 S&H).

    IOR Valdada 30 mm high steel rings [honed for previous rifle] ($50 +$5 S&H).


    I also forgot a Remington 700 SA right hand SPS stock new never used no hardware just the stock its plastic make offer.
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  2. Sendero_Man

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    Feb 4, 2007
    once fired brass ? or what ?

  3. daveosok

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    I have no idea. I built the gun for a buddy and he then bought a FN sniper weapon of some sorts and I bought the gun back from him. It may be once fired, twice hell I have no idea. When I bought the rifle back it came with all the dies and brass he had as well as bullets. I dont have the bullets.
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    Oct 31, 2005
    PM sent re: .243 brass.