Will a sporterweight barrel twist from torgue?

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  1. ol mike

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    Aug 21, 2005
    I'm trying to decide what stlye 338edge? 338 rogue? i'm going to build ,and i don't understand why more torgue isn't ''felt'' when shooting a big heavy bullet.

    When a high capacity round is fired and spins the bullet a couple of hundred thousand rpm's [200,000 rpm's ballpark figure] it seems like the rifle would try to react alot more than it obviously does .
    It just seems like the rifle should twist/torgue against all the energy it takes to spin a bullet up to those speeds in a mili-second.
    Makes me wonder about using a small diameter barrel [#4 fluted] on a big powerhouse cartridge ,because when there is a 338cal. hole bored in the barrel a #4 is getting pretty slim -isn't it?

    My thoughts on the style of rifle i'd like is a big 338 magnum of some sort -w/a 26"-28" fluted barrel and a very light stock -lone wolf- etc. titanium brake -fluted bolt -around 8.5-9lbs .
    Give me your thoughts on all this jibber-jabber.
  2. sams57

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    Apr 23, 2007
    here is a 338-300 rum ready for colorado this fall.
    fluted benchmark barrel .675 at the muzzle, boyds thumbhole with bi pod it weights 10.25 pounds. shoots 3 -250 smks into the .3s at 100 and had 3 shots 3.5" at 800, after 3 shots it heats up and the groupes open up . hope the pic works.

  3. jwp475

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    Feb 4, 2005
    The bullet in the barrel only turns 1 turn every 10 inches of barrel (assuming a 10 twist barrel). The forward velocity gives the bullet the calculated RPM's. The bullet is very light when compared to the rifle, thus the lack of felt torque