will 25/06 powder selections shoot well in a 30/06?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by 30-06 boy, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. 30-06 boy

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    Nov 17, 2005
    i read a thread on 25/06's what powders and speeds guys are geeting with them.interesting to say the least.i have a 25/06 and handload for it.i've tried rl22,h1000,h4831,imr4831,imr4350.i also load for my 30/06.ive tried all the above powders except the h1000,rl22 in it.i'm pretty sure my sierra loading disc has "magnum" powders to select from for the 25/06.but not the 30/06.my question is why the 25 and not the 30????after all they use the same case,just different dia bullets.has anyone tried magnum powders in thier 30/06?better velocity?better accuracy?imr 4831 and h4831 shoot very well in my rifle,rl 22 imr 7828 are only down the burn rate chart 5 powders or so??????????????
  2. Waffen

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    May 1, 2005
    A lot of thoes powders you mentioned are a little too slow (IMO) for the 30-06. In answer to your question, yes the powders optimal for the 25-06 are basically considered optimal for the 30-06. I would skip the 7828, H1000, and the RL22, thoes are generally better suited for the 300WM, 300RUM and bigger 30 and 338 cartriges. For the 25/06 and 30/06 and try some RL19, IMR4064, Win760, H4350, IMR4350, and IMR4831. These are all powders that will work well with the 06 and are in the area of the correct burn rate.

    A great way to see what powder might be optimal if you don't have any other information is to crack open a reloading manual. Check to see what poweders are getting the best velocities with the bullet weights you plan to shoot. Start there and more times than not you are starting with a better powder than if you just look at the burn rate chart and pick one.

    You might also want to check the barrel length of some of thoes guys posting about their velocities. To burn a lot of slow powder you need a long barrel otherwise you just end up with a big fireball and low velocities. Also what grain of bullet are they shooting? As to why slow powders are better for the 25-06 than the 30-06, you have me there. Perhaps more knowlagable people here can make since of that one.

    I hope this was of some help.

  3. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    The burn rates are differant for the two case because of the bore to powder ratio , the 25-06 has a smaller bore to powder ration that the 25-06 basicaly overbore so you have to use powders that are a little slower buring than in the 30-06 kinda the same way that you need to use slower powders with heavier bullets to get best performance.
    My experiance with the 25-06 is somwhat limited to 3 guns and all of which shot most accuratly with R-22 and 7828 with the heavier bullets (100gr-120gr) basicaly you need the slower powder for the heavier bullets so the presure doesen't peak as fast ans jump you pressure. this is also the reason that longer barrel work better for velocity with "overbore" rounds you get a longer tube for the pressure to built velocity with the slower powder.

    Now the 30-06 will benifit from the slower "magnum" powders with the heavy bullets. My cherrished old Holland built
    30-06 Ackley would run all over 300Win mag factory velocities with 180gr bullets and R-22 and a 26" Lilja barrel. Typicaly with the 24" tubes that come on the
    30-06's and the basic load of 150-165 that is probably most common with the "average" deer hunter that uses this caliber you will get best performace from 4350 and 4831.

    Now you could probably get realy good velocity with a very small amout of a powder as fast as Green Dot for one shot anyway then you may be picking parts of you action out of your face , becasue the powder is so fast it spikes almost instantly and all all that pressure is trying to be contained in the case itself.
    Imagine that you have to push a pickup truck by your self , your not going to take a running start a slam into it or you'll end up hurt but you start with a smoot even amout of energy and gradualy build it up and eventualy you will have it roling faster and faster