Wild Dog Hunting Australia

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    Jun 9, 2012
    Well today Dad and I went out for the day looking for a deer or two in Aus-Victoria, after looking around all day; we decided to sit at a good spot I know about. but it was down a steep hill and dad wasn’t well enough to walk back up it, so he decided to get the car, and I walked down about 50 m from where i was, I decide to wait for dad on the road, as I was waiting I saw teas open hills about 1450m away, they looked really good so I laid down and watched the hills, and saw this black thing behind a small bush it looked like a cat, and I thought as a joke I’ll take a picture of it, and say I saw the big Cat, just as I lined up me IPhone to take the pic dad started the car and the black figures started to Run up hill (Low Right side) and I dropped the camera to take a look throw the Zeiss scope to see what it was, I couldn’t believe it when 2 black, and one yellow wild dog ran out. I only had the tikka t3 lite gun)270 win and the ballistics to 600m so I didn’t try taking a shoot. As soon as Dad started the car up they must have seen or heard it, and they ran like Shit. And never saw them again. They were the Biggest Wild Dogs I’ve ever seen. They were NOT dingo as they are much smaller these were BIG inbred dogs..... i will be going back to hunt them down.....