why is 300 smk destructive

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    hello all lurked here a couple years not real internet guru type. why does the 300 338 smk do so much damage to game. my 50 bmg doesnt touch what a 300smk will do at 2850 muzzle velocity. with impact velocity ranging from 2800 to 2000 this bullet to conventional thinking would plow thru and thats it.
    i've shot or seen shot 15 deer since i got this gun from 250 to 1250 and it always amazes me. any explanations?
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    Well compared to the 50 BMG, the jacket on the 300 gr SMK is paper thin. Most think that the 50 BMG is some amazingly destructive weapon on game, that is hardly the case, generally its not much more then a 1/2" entrance hole and a bit larger exit hole.

    These videos you see on the web of the supposed 50 BMG exploding targets that are supposed to be humans in the middle east, pure crap!!!

    Simply put, the 300 gr SMK deforms on impact much more then any commerical 50 cal bullet. Which transfers more energy to the game. If the bullet does not expand, there will be very little energy transfer.

    Kirby Allen(50)

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    The 300 SMK is a match grade bullet and as such it has a very
    thin jacket for better/easier engraving of the bullet and it is a non
    bonded hollow point with a very high ballistic coefficient.

    If you use a heavy jacketed,bonded bullet at lower velocities it
    will tend not to expand as much as the SMK.

    Also the thiner the jacket the less chance the bullet will be out of

    Your 50 BMG bullets have a very thick jacket and do not expand
    as well as the 300 SMK.

    I have 2 loads for most of my rifles , partition type bullets for short
    range high velocity hunting and expanding type bullets like the
    accubond,balistic tip and the SMK for long range lower velocity

    Most hunting bullets have a rated velocity range (EXAMPLE 1800
    to 2800 ft/sec for the best performance. )

    Match grade bullets have a recomended velocity for balistic co'efficients
    but not for expansion,(for punching paper).

    Even though Sierra does not recomend the Match kings for hunting
    there Balistic co'efficient and thin jacket work well at extended

    I hope this helped
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