WHOA! New Forum and Problems Already.

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    New Forum and Problems Already.

    Well, at least you can read this topic (which are called "threads" in this forum software). To many of you, this is brand new territory. You're used to the old software and you're havin' nothin' but trouble here. I'm sorry. For this we can blame the boss, Len Backus. :eek: He decided to switch to this new forum software and move from one domain host to another and just make your life difficult.

    But wait! This is actually a good thing. It might take a little getting used to and poking around, but I'm sure you will come to agree that this forum software and this new server are a much better deal than the old. More features, easier to find information, faster loading pages and a lot more fun. This was a very good decision on Len's part - and yours too if you make the move with him and take the time to get used to it.

    There's gonna be problems. That's where I come in. Len asked me to help and I am happy to lend whatever expertise I can to make the conversion as smooth and trouble free as possible. But this is a major task and a technological nightmare. Some things just won't survive the process.

    You will find problems with smilies, images, links and even your own account settings. You might have trouble figuring out how things work - and when you finally do, it doesn't work right. Well, as of this writing, you are just in the first phases of the conversion. The domain name hasn't been switched over yet, which also means a lot of images and links have the wrong address, so they come up broken or look like [​IMG]. We'll deal with these issues as quickly as we can.

    For now, you should be more concerned about your account issues. Make sure your email and user name are correct. Let staff know if your post count is wrong, or if you are having any trouble in your UserCP or profile. You can email Len or PM him about your account problems. Please do not post your account problems or email address on the forum - unless you don't mind getting spammed to death or having your private info being seen by ever'one. ;)

    In the next few days, we will be changing the DNS settings (Domain Name Server). That will cause the forum to be shut down or you may get a page not found error. It's normal. You may even find that you can't access the forum for a couple of days. If you have Len's email address, you can send him an email if you get worried. If you don't have his email, well: lbackus at new dot rr dot com <-- figure that out 'cause he don't like spam either.

    Welcome to your new home! Len is going to great pains to make this site so much better than the old one. Please help him out. To learn more about the new forum, please read the FAQ. If you have problems or questions, ask away. Staff is here to help you make the transition.

    Best R'gards to All of You,

    Jim aka Teh Fixer
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    Dad said "if you don't make a mistake your not doing anything" so
    as with my childern mistakes still come...
    Keep up the good work...Nomad