Who makes "LE Wilson" type dies for larger calibers???

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by drbill, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. drbill

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering who makes "LE Wilson" type dies for calipers larger than 338 Lap but smaller than 50 BMG?

    I assume a lot of guys would know this since a lot of people shoot tons of calibers between these 2 sizes.

    I know Neil Jones and he makes larger caliper custom FL sizing dies and I believe seater dies. He is older and can get interesting but if youre nice he will work with you. Dont let him call and "argue" with your wife if they are the same personality type because you may have to smooth things over.:D I have a couple big ones coming from him that you use on an arbor pres. I like to be able to "see" what I am "feeling" when I seet the bullet. The "seing" part is custom but somone else will make that for you too.

    Maybe the "LE Wilson" type of dies are not necessary in the size between 338 and 50 bmg but I wouldn't know because I jump form 7mm Remington magnum to 50 bmg. I know that is a big hole for a shooter and I have known it for quite awhile and have been trying to decide what to do, reamer people?, caliber, weight, custom, off shelf, etc. Essentially want to make a wise choice in all matters.

    So maybe this is a question not necessary if the "traditional press" dies already out there are getting the job done quite well for these large calipers and I should just decide on a gun and worry about the reloading dies later.

  2. WJHalverson

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    Aug 5, 2012
    There are a couple of places your can buy or rent chamber reamers from, and LE Wilson does make blanks for seaters and neck dies.

    Seater blanks go up to .35: Bullet Seater Blank

    Neck die blank only goes to .30:

    Bullet Seater Blank

    Reamers rented from here:

    4D Reamer Rentals, Exclusive Source to Rent Chamber Reamers & for Renting Gunsmithing or Shotgun Tools

    Elk Ridge Reamer Rentals (800) 996-0426

    Clymer sells bigger reamers: Clymer Tools Catalogue - Gunsmith

    So does Triebel:

    Chamber Reamers for Rifle Work: Triebel Waffenwerkzeuge - Lagerreibahlen, Prüflehren, Wiederladematritzen, Sonderfräsern für Waffenhersteller Beschussämter Büchsenmacher

    Good luck!


  3. TOM H

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    Dec 24, 2001
    One problem you run into pass 338 caliber largest dia bushing Redding makes is .368 and Wilson .367 so Neil may be only option if he makes them pass 338 cal.
  4. 358sta

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    Aug 21, 2006
    CH4D makes bushings up to 0.545" but they are larger in diameter than the normal Wilson or Redding due to their size. They make bushings up to 0.400" that are interchangeable with the Wilson's but they are 1/16" longer. But CH4D doesn't make hand dies though. He makes two sizes of bushing neck sizer dies for the different sizes of bushinges based on caliber.

  5. TOM H

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    Dec 24, 2001
    Here is from CH4D on the 50 cal

    Bushing Neck Sizer : CH4D

    Here is other bushing dies

    Large Bushing Neck Sizer : CH4D

    Seem like you need adapter to make the Wilson work with the CH4D die. One of the advantage to the Jones die is the seater also has bushing and looking at the CH4D bushing looks like they copied Neil bushing? I think all the lathe work to modify Wilson dies neck and seater you be better off having Jones die made.