When to use a howler on a electronic caller

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    Aug 19, 2009
    Need a little help again. First off, now I'm hooked on hunting coyotes. Heard some yipping the other morning, ran over the ridge, started my "Quiver Critter" and busted a coyote as he came running out of the woods in LESS THAN 15 SECONDS from when I first started my electronic caller. Two more showed up in less than 3 minutes, just unable to get a shoot.
    Have hunted twice since then with no luck. At the end of on of the evenings I hit the coyote howl card and was answered by one about 400 yds in the adjoining woods. My question is this. Should I have continued to use this call or is it just used to locate them? Second, when and how should a howler be used? Is is used in conjuction with other calls? With all the options available nowadays I'm not sure when to use the various sounds such as the howler, fox/coy fighting/ chicken squeal, etc. I live in Tennessee and they seem to be very active right now. I know that they are still in the general area because I heard six different ones just the other night. Any suggestions are appreciated! But you guys are right, it's addictive!!:D
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    Jan 27, 2008
    You can use a howl when you want to get the resident yote p/o ed and maybe it will come in looking to run the intruder off. You should let that area rest a week or so before going back so you don't wise them all up.. Good luck..

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    Nov 24, 2008
    I've perty much switched over to howling or some form of coyote vocalization.

    The most consistent performer for us is starting low with a female comunative for a few then a male aggressive howl and barks then maybe back to a female then hit some coyote in distress. It kinda give the feel of a lonely female checking things out and then getting beat by a rival male all in side some one else territory.
    If nothing for a set then bump up the volume and run a couple more sets. We've been averaging about 75% on our stands. A Montana decoy coyote will seal the deal because they want to see a coyote.
    Use a locator howl or a siren to locate and your vocalization set for calling and killing.
    I was taught that if they come they die, leave nothing alive. Don't start shooting till you know whats coming in, start at the farthest or least aggrestive dog lay down some distress and start killing the rest. Can't always be done but they learn fast if you miss or they see a mate shot.
    I can't stop giggling after a good set. Way good year round fun:D