When to Meauser case wall thickness

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    Zediker's book "handloading for Competition" is hard towade through at points - is he syaing to measure case wall thickness BEFORE or AFTER you Full length size the cases the first time (before fireforming)? Page 50 primarily in his book. What are your opinions on when to do this?

    Same for measuring runout - is he saying to do this before f/l sizing or after?

    Trying to put together a step by step list, but man is it frustrating to pin down his processes across the chapters.

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    You should measure neck runout of four or five of your fired cases to see if the chamber is aligned properly. If it is excessive then begin to check other things to see what all is wrong with the rifle. You only need to do this operation once per rifle.

    For reloading you should measure neck runout after resizing. This will tell you if your press and die are set up properly. You should also measure neck runout after bullet seating to determine if once again your press and die was set up properly.

    If you wish to measure bullet runout you can. There is a certain amount of geometry involved such that the runout of the bullet is related to the runout of the neck and the distance from the neck that you measure.