Whats up with Brux Barrels?

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  1. Tyler Kemp

    Tyler Kemp SPONSOR

    Aug 10, 2006
    Went to their site and found this-
  2. slg888

    slg888 Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2009
    Same problem here. I had to shut down my computer when I went to the brux site because it picked up a virus infection. Got lucky and my computer survived. I definitly will not be going there anymore!!!

  3. James Jones

    James Jones Well-Known Member

    Jul 1, 2002
    Their web site doesn't pffer anything that you can get from a call to them , they make the same barrel contures as Kreiger , last barrel I ordered from them was $285 shipped for a 26" SS tube.

    give them a call and make your order that way

    Brux Barrels : 1-608-592-3324

    ICANHITHIMMAN Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2008
    I had the same issue Brux website has crashed my computer 2 times. I had to take it to BestBuy to have it rebuilt infact it is on its way there on Wensday afternoon. I thought it was just me thank you guys for the post.
  5. 3006savage

    3006savage Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2008
    Call me paranoid but I think angry Libs are targeting the firearms and hunting sites as several hunting sites I visit have been hacked in the last couple months.
  6. skeetlee

    skeetlee Active Member

    Sep 27, 2008
    got my computer as well!! Dont go there!!!!! Lee
  7. Brass Magnet

    Brass Magnet New Member

    Feb 3, 2009
    Hi everyone,
    I'm the webmaster at bruxbarrels.com and I'd like to take some time to try to put everyone at ease and to dispel some rumors as well.

    Firstly, the website was indeed hacked as the post above shows. This was corrected as soon as I was told about it. I'm a part time webmaster, doing this site as a favor to Ken an Norm and I don't have the time or resources that the big guys have to monitor the site 24/7. Many sites get hacked and fixed before hardly anyone knows about it but a lot of them have a full time staff in charge of security to do so. I can tell you that the faster I hear about a problem, the faster it will be fixed. So, if anyone experiences any more problems please email me ASAP webmaster@bruxbarrels.com and cc it to ken@bruxbarrels.com

    I have a few websites and every time something like this happens I find a new way to strengthen the security measures and have done so with bruxbarrels.com after this recent hack. I've worked with the webhost in order to make the site more secure. If the hackers find another way in I'll do the same OR find a better webhost and I’ve made sure the webhost is aware of that.

    Secondly, I am not aware of any virus infection that has ever been "contracted" from bruxbarrels.com. I am aware, however, of the "Windows anti-virus 2009" VIRUS which was spreading on the net a few weeks back. This virus seems to be where many of the rumors that bruxbarrels.com was infected came from. After I heard the rumor I physically checked every single line of code that makes up the website, called the webhost and was assured by them that the log files showed this did not originate on Brux's site.

    For those of you unaware, the virus IS "Windows anti-virus 2009". The virus disguises itself as anti-virus software and when you use your web browser to click on a link through a search engine, it brings up a fake (though extremely well done) screen that says a certain website is infected. Therefore, if you clicked on brux's site it would say that site is infected. The virus then directs you to pay for its registration where you will get shang haied out of your money.

    As soon as this virus started hitting computers my webhost was continually scanning all of it's servers to make sure they weren't infected. I have a friend who works on computers and he was removing this virus from 9 computers a day for 2 straight weeks. If you Google "Windows anti-virus 2009" you should get all the information you need. To get it off of your computer, instead of spending money to have someone do it, download a program called "malware bites". That should take care of it.

    If this was not the virus that the poster above eluded to I'd of course, like to know about it.

    Anytime you are on the net make sure your computer is secure, it's the very best way to make sure you will never get any of this malicious garbage that always seems to be floating around the web. The web isn't safe, and no one can make it absolutely safe. Always have a good software firewall, like Zonealarm installed and running. Always have your internet explorer security set properly or use Firefox (seems to be less viri that target it.) And ALWAYS have an actively scanning virus software running on your computer. Do those things and you'll keep your computer out of the shop.

    Lastly, Please please please, email the webmaster of any site that you encounter problems. If the sites webmaster doesn’t visit every single day it will make them aware of the problem much sooner and they’ll get it taken care of so no one else has to suffer.

    Thank you very much for your time and I'm sorry for any inconvienience anyone may have encountered.