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    Nov 22, 2007
    Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum and look forward to learning more about long range hunting. I do have alot of questions and dont know crap. So if I happen to ask something stupid go easy on me I am just trying to learn. Right now I am begining to rebuild my elk rifle after 22 years of wonderful service accuracy went in the toilet. After much frustration I had the barrel inspected and its time for a new one. I have been thinking 26-28" #3 or 4 SS fluted. Holland brake (cant take recoil anymore) and maybe chamber something different. The rifle is a factory 300 weatherby mark V. I have thought about dropping down to the big 7's (less recoil) or with the brake moving up to the ultra mag? Or stay with the 300wby I dont know if it matters to much as long as its accurate. Which brings up a question about freebore and crown style with boattails. I never had any luck with boattails in this gun before and have read that the freebore is the reason? And that crown style has effects?
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    It's a pretty straight forward solution.

    When a new barrel is necessary its an opportunity to have what you really want, which is a good thing.

    Nothing wrong w/the 300 Wby and you already have all the stuff to reload for it. (Sorry, I always think cheap:()

    Truing a Wby action may not be all that much fun but I suppose its doable.

    Contact one of the smiths on this forum and get their input. A #4 Lilja contour would be about right and finish to maybe 27" w/o flutes would be a good choice. Flutes on that light of a barrel I wonder if it would be necessary. I have one in 270 Win and its a bit heavy but about right for a carry gun and heavy enough for LRH and accurate as heck.

    The brake would be the key. The smiths know about those too.

    Do a search or post for response from the smiths. I'd name some of them but won't cause I'd leave some out and there are some I don't know.

    Give it a go.

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    May 25, 2007
    Well this is how I do the wby's. I would stick with the 300 wby you have, it's a great elk rifle and the 30's have a great bullet selection. I use lilja of kriger barrils. I think both of the barrel makers will only flute a #5, which really drops the wt. down to about a #4 anyway. Put an 11 degree crown on the barrel. Find a smith who can cut the chamber and throat seperate, and have him cut the throat to the loaded round that will fit you magazine. Maybe .030 to .050 shorter than your loaded round. Now your gun is chambered perfect for the mag. As for the muzzel break, I'm not a really a fan of them, but if you must have the smith put on on. I've done a pile of these wby this way and it's worked great.
    good luck.
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    Don't you mean frugal? Wink.