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    Aug 11, 2005
    since there is a topic in the general discussion about losing things i thought i would ask on what i should do about my optics situation. i have a pair of binos that are ok during the day but lack the low light gathering during the first and last hours of daylight. i have my wife talked into letting me buy something better, but i need better binos and a new rangefinder. would buying the new swaor rangefinder help me kill two birds with one stone. the optics are good plus i get a rangefinder in one unit. or do i take what she is letting me spend on the swaro unit and buy a decent set of binos and use the rest of the funds to buy whatever rangefinder i can afford? if i do go the swaro route, they won't be my primary binos. i would just use them in low light situations. thanks,
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    Aug 21, 2005
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    I'd say if you sit and glass a lot stick with regular binos.

    If you hunt and can spot animals w/out binos -then you throw the binos up for a good look plus get a range -go w/ the combination bino/rangefinder.

    Quality binos are a real delight -i bought a pair of 8x20 zeiss conquest for lightweight backpack hunting and man are they nice.

    I have a 800yd nikon monarch and it has served me well -don't remember the price but not too expensive.On super-bright hot/sunny days it will only range maybe 500ish yards -oh well.

    Well good luck -Mike